Who we are

It’s now a hundred years since our company was founded. During that time we have developed from a traditional pottery producing hand-made bricks, adobes, and fired-clay objects for use in the kitchen to today’s modern company with four large factories, in the surroundings of Bailén (Jaén),and a surface area of over 300,000 m2. We now manufacture more than 400,000 tonnes of finished products for facades and flooring annually. We employ the very latest technology in all our production processes, from continuous dry-weight mixing to pre-drying and firing in computerized kilns and automated mechanisms for moving bricks along the production line.


Ceramica Malpesa is today a leading firm in Spain for the manufacture of face bricks and ceramic paving stones. Since its origins the three pillars of the company’s development have been its devotion to the product, its commitment to human resources and the family, which has remained united and has managed to uphold the interests of the company over and above personal interests.


The staff of the Cerámica Malpesa company group totals 130 professionals. The challenge faced by all the company’s employees is that of innovation, the real driving force behind the development of Cerámica Malpesa and the chief reason for the continuous technological evolution of our facilities, which were recently extended with the addition of the new M-4 factory, one of the most modern of its kind in the world.


With the impetus of a dynamic and rigorous R + D Department, the co-operation of all those involved and the use of the latest technology, we offer the market the widest range of products in order to provide property developers, builders and in particular architects and quantity surveyors with the greatest possible number of options in terms of colours, aesthetic finishes and prices.


This range is not solely aimed at the Spanish market. Despite the difficulties posed by transport costs, the company exports its products to international markets including Japan, the USA, Taiwan, various countries of the European Union and Northern Africa.

In 2008 we are celebrating the centenary of the foundation of Cerámica Malpesa, an anniversary which is a source of pride and satisfaction for all those who today have links with the company. This has been possible due to all those who, like you, at some stage have come across and discovered at Cerámica Malpesa the product you had in mind to display to the world.




José Malpesa Guerrero