The extruder material (biscuit) output consists of a continuous clay bar of constant section. This section corresponds to the negative of the mold, that is, with the hollow part that remains between the frame (outer contour) and the studs (perforations of the piece). Subsequently, this continuous bar will be cut into individual pieces of the appropriate thickness.
Through this type of process, bricks of various qualities can be manufactured, the KLINKER being the highest range. KLINKER quality bricks must meet the following three requirements:
– Water absorption less than 6%.
– Density greater than 2,000 kg/m³.
– Standardized compressive strength characteristic greater than 40 N/mm².

Facing Brick Advantages

Maximum durability.
Minimum maintenance.
High energy efficiency building solutions, compatible with the PASSIVHAUS standard.
Enviromentally friendly.
Infinite dessign possibilities.
High quality material at an affordable price.
High sound insulation.
No fire reaction.
Extremely weatherproof.
Enhance the value of your investment in the medium term.

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