K. White
K. Andalusia white
K. Off White
K. Nevada
K. Marengo grey
K. Pearl grey
K. Chrome grey
K. Silver grey
K. Lanzarote
K. Basalt
K. Anthracite
K. Azabache
K. Blue metallic
K. Camel
K. Maestranza-Amber
K. Rose
K. Granada
K. English rustic red
K. Brown
Flashed Klinker

Facing bricks manufactured by extruding a mixture of special clays and water. After drying off the water added for the extrusion, the bricks are fired in an oxidizing atmosphere in a Tunnel Kiln until they acquire high density, low water absorption and suction (initial rate of absorption) and high compressive strength. These bricks are particularly attractive and naturally longlasting. They are ideal for harsh environments.