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The founder of the current company, José Malpesa López, created his first pottery workshop in the early 20th century in Bailén, manufacturing baked clay articles for domestic use. This was to be the birthplace of his children.

In the early 1940´s, the company’s assets were shared between his descendants, with his eldest son and daughters receiving a pottery each and another pottery being jointly owned by his two youngest sons, Antonio and José Malpesa Arance. It was this latter pottery which led to the development of the present company.

Antonio and José Malpesa Arance started out with a very small base and minimal capital, continuously expanding the company until it had eventually developed into the most important ceramics workshop in Bailén by 1960.

In 1967 a new plant was built in Salteras to serve the company’s main market, Seville. Shortly beforehand the company had begun to manufacture face bricks to complement the main production of standard construction bricks. This process was continued in Salteras.

At the beginning of the 1970s one of the Bailén plants underwent a significant expansion and automation process in order to maintain the company at the forefront of the Andalusian market.

In 1973 Antonio Malpesa's son, José Malpesa Guerrero, joined the company. An Industrial Engineer, he is the current Chairman and Managing Director of Cerámica Malpesa. As from 1978 the decision was made to make a major technological leap in its plants, with major investments in the company and the centralisation of production in Bailén.

Over the course of the 1980s this technology and effort to improve by all the members of the group enabled Cerámica Malpesa to consolidate itself at the forefront of face brick manufacturers not only in Andalusia but in the rest of Spain as well.

During the period from 1990 to 1992 growing market demands called for increased production. The second and third factories were built; the M-2, for pressed face bricks , and the M-3, the most technologically advanced in Europe at the time, which together with M-1 converted the company into the leading manufacturer in Spain of face bricks in terms of quantity, variety and for many in terms of quality too.

All these activities have been complemented by intense efforts in our R+D Department, enabling the production of high quality ceramic products for façades and floors with added value which have opened up possibilities for exportation.

In 2004 the fourth plant began operations (M-4), with a surface area of 20,000 m². This plant is dedicated to the manufacture of face bricks and Klinker ceramic paving stones, its principal feature being its great versatility, enabling the manufacture of anything from solid, high density products through to special perforations and hollows.