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Flashed Klinker
  Extruded process

Clay has been used by Man to pave roads for many centuries. Excavations in Mesopotamia have unearthed remains dating back some 5,000 years, and the use of ceramics subsequently spread to India and Europe during the course of history. But it is only in the last few decades that clay paver have been able to combine their aesthetic quality, ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements with advanced technical features. This provement in technical performance and the wide range of formats available stem from the incorporation of new technologies in our production plants. The product is now much improved technically, but retains the ceramic nature which gives it such superb performance mainly in terms of durability and colour permanence. This product also offers the advantages of longer life, easier re-use and faster execution. In certain situations clay paving is more suitable than other types of paving, because its unique properties allow it to grow old gracefully during its long lifespan. Thanks to its enormous aesthetic potential, clay paving can completely transform any urban space, enhancing it with geometric designs and natural colours.